Japanese Classics is a licensed automotive dealership and importer based in Richmond, VA. We specialize in importing the cleanest 100% Federally Legal Japanese cars into the US directly from Japan. Our inventory speaks for itself, we only import the highest quality vehicles available in Japan.  We are able to do this by personally inspecting all of our vehicles in Japan prior to purchase. This ensures you get the best vehicles available with no compromises! With a combined 30 years of experience in the auto industry, we have the ability to purchase extremely high quality vehicles in Japan and knowledge to import these cars legally.


A Different Kind of Importer

At Japanese Classics we are a different kind of importer and believe buying an imported car should be just like buying any other used vehicle. This is why we assume all of the monetary and vehicle condition risk by purchasing, exporting, shipping, importing, and completing all paperwork on these vehicles before they are advertised for immediate sale. Why risk your hard earned money on a vehicle you can not view in person prior to purchasing? We make the process simple and it is identical to purchasing a US production car from any other local dealership. We pride our business model on buyer comfort. Being able to see and inspect vehicles on site eliminates all the wait, and eases any confusion, anxiety, or out of pocket pre-purchase expenses associated with remote vehicle auctions or sourcing alternatives, our listed cars are ready for a same day purchase.

We never post photos of vehicles we do not have in our United States inventory. You can be assured if a vehicle is for sale on our website we actually own the vehicle and it can be picked up in Richmond, VA the same day. Don’t be fooled by photos taken in Japan!

Our vehicles are sold with all legal paperwork including a clean, clear, valid, and transferable to all 50 states Virginia title as well as a copy of the US Customs Release. Purchasing a vehicle from us is just like buying any other used car. We do all of the hard work for you so you can enjoy the car, not hassle with paperwork.

Note: All of the vehicles currently on site are located at our Richmond, VA facility and have been cleared by customs with a transferable US title. Every vehicle is 100% federally legal and is ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

***Please understand we do not accept personal or business checks, we only accept bank checks, cashiers checks, or wire transfers***

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